Current JVRA Members

2018 will be another great season for JVRA member families. Please note:

  • Annual membership dues in the amount of $500 are now due

(note: after May 1st, a $50 late fee will apply, making the total due $550)

  • Please send a check for your 2018 dues made payable to JVRA to:

           JVRA membership
           P.O. Box 13142
           Huntsville, AL 35802 

OR      Place in drop box outside pool entrance.

  • Please submit a membership application form with your membership to ensure correct contact and demographic information.

Family Membership Information Update Form
Member Last Name / First Name (Adults)
Street Address (include ZIP)
Home Phone
Work Phone
Mobile Phone
Children's Names/Ages
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Phone Number
Other Information You Want To Share